When stripes attract

When stripes attract

There is no excuse not to have fun, even when it is raining! And guess who is bringing the fun to you today??? Not only is my tee livin' la vida loca with stripes for days, but so is the jacket! On rainy days, I get the urge to turn it up just a smidgen. If the sun isn't going to come to me, I will figure out a way to feel the shine without it. No better way to dance through the rain, then in something as wonderful as stripes!

Stripes are nothing more then a symbol of acceptance, a glorification of respect, a masterpiece of simplicity! Find the right one for you'll be dancing to the same tune.  Wearing these narrow bands in a range of colors and widths as a part your #lotd, is as easy as wearing a white tee! If you are a white tee kinda gal and you're looking to switch it up, this will be the perfect sub for you. 

Stripes are so much of a thing, that there are brands like La Ligne (means the line in French) creating destinations shops for everything and anything striped! 

On a final note, forget about what stripe makes you look wider or taller. It is more about the fit! Find the right fit and you're golden!

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Striped Coat- Madewell

Striped top- J.Crew

Cropped pant- J.Crew

Shoes- CDG and J.Crew rain boots

Accessories- Madewell