Adeola AjalaComment


Adeola AjalaComment

Remember when being a girl scout was everything? Me, either... lol! I enjoyed it but, it wasn't life! I actually spent a decent time trying to figure out what the boy scouts were learning (the little tomboy inside me). I eventually had an opportunity to hang out with them and put my brother to shame by tying some extraordinary knots...but I digress.  Besides the cookies, opportunities to gain a new badge turning my accomplishments into a tangible memento at any given time was at the top of my list!  And NOW I'm all grown up and guess what?!  I still love little trinkets of personalization and making things your own. 

Pin culture is huge and a great way to make a piece feel a little more like your own. Tell a little story, show a little personality,  where you've been and what you like, you can even put your heart on your sleeve...literally!

My personal pin collection is still growing and I can't wait to put some together on one piece. I am thinking a denim jacket or maybe a purse I want to give a new life to. Pins aren't only good for you, they are a great add on to a gift as well. And you can find a pin for anything and everything these days. So before you get rid of that jacket, that bag, that sneaker or a blazer...maybe you can pin it up and bring it back to life. Check out these cool sites and rack up!

Just a sec.. quick disclaimer, the jacket worn is not personalized but pretty darn cool none the less. You can find it here, if creating the look on your own is not the way you want to go.


Etsy pins

Unique pins

Check back for updates on my pin collage! Pics to come!

*Green Jumpsuit- Madewell

Tennis Sneakers - Adidas