Wear more sequin in Spring!

Wear more sequin in Spring!

Who said sequin can only shine during the holidays? Who said sequin can only be worn during special events?Jump off the band wagon!  It's like the old wife's tale that white shouldn't be worn before Memorial Day. It's an unnecessary construct, putting restrain on your ability to shine and be great on any given day! SO take the tips below to heart and shine bright like you are golden, sorry I mean like a diamond !!!

1) Level the fit out. Bring the elevation of the sequin down by integrating everyday fabrics and or neutral colors. Like denim, leather, or silhouettes that are a little more rugged.
2)Today is the day to be a jewelry minimalist. I personally love both sides of the jewelry pendulum. Heavy gaudy and layer it on thick or dainty delicate and simplicity at its best. If you are like me you can take this opportunity to let your statement clothing piece do the shining
3) Keep it flat, we all know the beauty of a heel. Feel great about not wearing one today, where ever you are going and what ever you are doing I promise you will still be dressed for the occasion (and extremely comfortable).

Cute spring Pieces
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