Soft white on an off night

Soft white on an off night


The unofficial start to summer is in full swing!

We all know everyone is looking for their next fresh to death Memorial day fit (sales are on now, go forth)! For many of you it will require a piece that is white, ecru, eggshell, off white, meringue, vanilla or ivory... I could probably turn this whole post into a list about shades of soft white, but I'll save you the trouble.  Here is a little kick off to making it work through out the summer. It's not too hard after's just white!

Purposefully pair different undertones. Trust your eye, if you are creating an outfit from two different brands the whites may take on a different color, plan for it and pay attention the tones stark white vs eggshell white vs moonlight white (greyish undertone). If that becomes complicated, just do what you know. Pair it with any color under the sun!

Bonus tidbit -- Staying clean After taking time to get so fresh, I am sure it will be your life's mission to stay clean all night. Carry a tide-to-go pen, they are easy, light weight, compact and can get the job done in an instant on most stains.  When that stain meant to destroy your angelic regal greatness makes contact with your whites, there are a few things you need to evaluate. Is the perpetrator a non-oily or oily stain? If it is the latter don't use water first, dab it dry with a napkin and then go for the stick pen. If it is a non-oily stain rinse of with a little water and then apply the pen.

When you get home, apply a mix of hydrogen peroxide and dish washing liquid, give it a little scrub and watch the magic happen!

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P.S. white isn't only for the summer, it looks gorgeous all year round.